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Getting Started

Well, here it is, my very first blog post, on a site coded by me, practically from scratch (with the help of friendly neighborhood PHP and JavaScript frameworks, of course). I've always wanted to start a blog of my own, but it took me a long time to get started. Which is hardly surprising, considering I'm practically known for my superhuman procrastination skills. That, and a lack of ideas. Or an overwhelming surge of ideas, which left me confused and distracted. Maybe some finanical handicap too. Whatever the reason was, what matters now is that I've finally got around to getting it set up.

As of today, the blog is officially live. The work is far from complete - there are many other features that I want to implement on the site. Sharing, comments, feedback and related stuff are among them. But I figured I had to get started one way or the other. While working as a software engineer, I've heard the saying, “At some point, you have to stop and call it Version 1.0.” So, here it is. My humble, barebone version 1.0 of The Nerdtown Blog. Let's all hope I can stick to a good writing schedule so I can put content on it at least every other week. Once a week would definitely be better, but I'm taking baby steps for now. I have lots of ideas of what to write about - sports, esports, geeky analysis, movie reviews, recipes, video games, books... basically the plan is to write down whatever and whenever comes to my mind and publish it. We'll see how consistent I will be in future, only time can tell.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for more content.

Here goes nothing.

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